The wonderful world of mobile apps!

I have to admit that my ability to live and travel light is greatly facilitated by the extraordinary mobile apps that are now available, especially for on-demand services.

Looking at my life, I sleep in Airbnbs. I go work at WeWork riding an Uber. I order food on Postmates. Flycleaners does my laundry. The vast majority of my spending is going to these marketplaces and new platforms. It’s amazing and they will take a much larger percentage of the economy than people think!

In New York, San Francisco and London, I can essentially live in any Airbnb without having any knowledge of the neighborhood and have an extraordinary quality of life and level of service without ever leaving my apartment.

Here are the main apps I use:

  • Airbnb & Booking: to book where I stay
  • Uber: to get around
  • Zeel: on demand massages at home
  • Seamless: food delivery from a neighboring restaurant
  • Postmates: food delivery from restaurants that don’t deliver where I am or for everyday essentials
  • Instacart: grocery deliveries
  • FlyCleaners: laundry & dry cleaning with on demand or scheduled at home pickup and delivery
  • Handy: on demand cleaning service
  • Breather: to get great meeting rooms
  • MakeSpace, Boxbee and Lovespace: inexpensive storage for your items with pickup and delivery
  • Minibar: on demand local alcohol delivery
  • Sprig: to get fresh healthy meals delivered in 15 minutes
  • Shyp: at home pickup, packing and sending of your packages and letters
  • UrbanStems: best way to send fresh flowers to someone
  • Yelp: the best way to discover new neighborhoods
  • OpenTable: to book a spot at the amazing restaurant you just found on Yelp
  • Venmo: to reimburse my friends should I owe them money
  • Getaround: to rent a car should Uber not fit your needs
  • ZIRX: to park the car you rented
  • My friends are also partial to ClassPass, StyleSeat and GlamSquad

I also have every airline app installed on my cell phone. If you check in on your cell phone and only have a carry on, you can actually arrive at the airport less than 1 hour before the flight takes off and have plenty of time to make it.

We really truly live in amazing times. I really love the on demand and sharing economy!

Disclosure: I am an investor in Zeel, Postmates, Flycleaners, Lovespace, Getaround, Zirx and Uber.


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