The Esky LAMA RC Helicopter is a lot of fun

As the holidays are approaching, I am compelled to offer a few gift ideas 🙂

I had never flown a remote controlled helicopter before. The Esky LAMA comes pre-built and ready to fly out of the box. It’s fun, stable, easy to learn to fly and incredibly cheap at $69!

You can buy it at:


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  • 69$…..Button up their sleeve …. and presto ….the chinese pull a rabbit out of their ass. Using realistic cost structures the individual pieces cost 69 bucks in the USA. Someday this has to equalize. In the mean time chase the cats in the neigborhood!!!

  • Fabrice I would stick with the $69 if you want RTF, problem is that the more advanced heli is bound to crash and if you buy RTF, you will not know how to fix it and so that will be the end of the hobby for you. The ARF is quiet easy to put together or you can also purchase from a place like and pay them to put it together for you.

    Here is the next version, the TREX 500 coming out in 3 weeks: