Racing Dune Buggies in the Baja is so much fun!

I read great things about this trip in National Geographic Adventure ( and decided to check it out. I enlisted William, a childhood friend and fellow car enthusiast who is also VP of Marketing at OLX, and we signed up for Ensenada Tour organized by Wide Open Baja (

We drove the same buggies that race the Baja 1000 every November on some of that race’s trails. There were 10 of us in 5 cars plus the guide. We took turns to drive and co-pilot. We had never driven off road before and we rapidly understood the importance of the co-pilot. The co-pilot constantly communicates with the other cars and gives the driver detailed instructions on both were to go and how fast to take a turn. We still managed to get lost once 🙂

It’s absolutely amazing what these cars can do – we went on terrain I would have not imagined any car could handle! We did manage to get stuck once and blow a tire once. Two of the other cars also flipped, though no one was injured.

The best way to get a sense for what it was like is to watch some of the videos below:

All in all it was a phenomenal experience I recommend to everyone! Now I just need to get a dune buggy and find a suitable terrain near New York 🙂


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  • Ok, THAT looks downright AWESOME.

    Brings back memories from a Go-Kart course we had nearby and used to visit a lot with the coworkers. It is a fine way to shake the stress off the shoulders and a great team building activity too 😉

    Great pictures and even greater videos, thanks for sharing.

  • Nope once, when you know you missed a turn, then you are not lost, you just have to go back and make the turn 🙂

    And the other time, we were on the right road but someone decided to follow the car in front of us then managed to lose it and lose himself 🙂

  • Look at you 2 lucky dogs! 🙂 As the average American would say, “That looked friggin’ awesome!”. Nice!

  • Watching such cool footage gave me an great idea. I think I am going to take the Aston Martin and drive it on the beach at Half Moon Lane during low tide….NOT!!!! ha ha 😉

  • Pretty COOL stuff! I am sure u can find some rough roads in NYC, just need to get a suitable all-terrain buggy ;-))
    ahh – your adventure brings some awsome memories – I loved the wild rides in the sand quad at Baja California – the wind, the sand, the speed… Ahhh, wish I could jump on the sand dunes again 🙂