French Entrepreneur Dinner

I had the pleasure of organizing a redux of my last entrepreneur dinner in Paris in September 2006. I am happy to report that French entrepreneurship is alive and well:

  • Michel de Guilhermier sold Photoways and started Inspirational Stores which creates online stores for luxury niche brands such as La Duree.
  • Gael Duval sold Un77 and is now CEO of for which he just raised 3 million euros in a tough market.
  • Fabrice Boutain is still CEO of Anxa which is reaching an interesting scale and is very profitable.
  • Aymeric sold 2xmoincher to Les 3 Suisses and is probably already dreaming of his next project.
  • Bertrand Pulles remains a very active and successful angel in France.
  • Patrick Robin had to change his approach in from a private sales club to an ecommerce portal for women and is approaching profitability on an interesting revenue base.
  • Walter Bouvais’s Terra Economica is well on its way of becoming the reference in green media in France.
  • Johanna Gozlan a very talented architect in Paris left a large firm to start jgastudio.

It was such a joy to see everyone so full of life, energy, optimism and joy!

Keep at it guys, you will change the world!


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