I had a fantastic sit down dinner with my best friends to celebrate my 35th birthday this Tuesday. It was attended by my very best friends from childhood, McKinsey, OLX and my dad who flew from Nice for the day just for the event!

I was touched by their presence and took the opportunity to express how much their friendship means to me.

The longer video is great as well.

Dad, William, Bryan, Jeremy, Yael, Dan, Avery, Simon, Ariel, Sophie: thanks again for the fantastic evening. I love you all and look forward to continuing to see as much of you as I can!


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  • merci pour cette video sympathique qui nous a fait participer a ta soiree a distance j'ai reconnu tes fideles amis et vois avec plaisir que tu as un tres bon sens de l'amitie,ce qui ne m'etonne pas.

  • Hi Fabrice,
    I would like to wish you all the best for your birthday & many happy returns. It was lovely of you to share a private moment of yours with us all around the globe, it makes you real. I enjoyed your speech acknowledging those special to you & also hearing your dreams, it looked like you were all enjoying yourselves very much. Thankyou for your musings, I always read them as soon as they arrive.In case you are wondering I am a 54yr old nurse & grandmother of 8 from Australia. Keep living with passion, kind regards Deirdre