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Jose and I have been angel investing for over 14 years. We love angel investing. We love working closely with entrepreneurs. It’s an amazing learning experience and source of inspiration. It also helps us keep a finger on the pulse of the market. While we have been doing it for fun as much as anything alongside our day jobs, we developed a set of heuristics that has made our investing much more economically rewarding than we originally expected.

If you an Internet entrepreneur looking for seed money ($100k as part of a $500k- $1 million round), this is what we look for:

  • We invest in consumer facing businesses in ecommerce, travel and marketplaces. Of late we have also been considering mobile startups and SAAS sites targeting small businesses.
  • We invest in new innovative ideas in the US or copies of established ideas in large foreign markets, especially Brazil, Germany, Russia and Turkey.
  • We expect the site to be live and the entrepreneur to grasp the unit economics of the business even if the site’s revenues are still low (e.g.; below $20k / month).
  • Send us a Powerpoint instead of a business plan or executive summary. Make sure it covers traction, business model, unit economics, funding history, terms of this round and use of funds.

We think we are comparatively better investors for your startup because:

  • We won’t join your board or harass you with reporting requirements.
  • We will provide advice when asked and we will always support you in whatever direction you decide to take the company even if we disagree with the approach.
  •  We decide very rapidly, often within 1 hour, whether we will invest or not.
  • We give you direct and honest feedback.
  • We can help you expand internationally.

For a more detailed explanation of our philosophy and approach, read:

139 total investments
$8.3 million invested in total
104 active investments
35 exits

portfolio by geography (# of companies)

Portfolio by geography

portfolio by type (# of companies)

Portfolio by Type

most valuable investments



Online Video Advertising



Expedia for Brazil



JustFab for Lingerie


Windeln for Germany



Online Investment Management



Stubhub for Latin America


This only includes the companies I angel invested in and does not include the companies I have created (OLX, Zingy, Aucland) or incubated.

Viajanet is a partial exit which is why it appears both in the exits and active companies.

Successful exits are companies where I made money as an investor. Unsuccessful exits are companies where I lost money as an investor.