Asset Light Living

Asset Light Living

After the NY Times article, a number of you have reached out asking for the full list of items I live and travel with. It boils down to 50 items including the suitcase and backpack. In the carry-on suitcase I travel with: • 2 jeans • 1 suit • 1 pair of dress shoes • 1 pair of tennis shoes • 4 dress shirts • 1 long sleeve t-shirt • 2 short sleeve t-shirts • 2 tennis shirts • 1 bathing suit • 1 pair of sports shorts • 10 underwear • 7 pairs of black socks • 3 pairs… Read More

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to white powder!

No not the kind you are thinking about. I am talking about the much more expensive and dangerous one! I am referring to the magical powder you encounter heli-skiing. I was recently heli-skiing near Revelstoke in British Columbia. It snowed every day of the week with over a foot of extraordinarily light dry powder falling every day! Heli-skiing gets a bad rap because it’s perceived to be dangerous and is admittedly not environmentally friendly. Yet somehow finding ourselves in the middle of nowhere creates a communion with nature that is hard to replicate. The risks – avalanches, crevasses, cornices, tree… Read More

Kalalau: Valley of the Lost Mangos (and Hidden Paradise)

Between my new girlfriend Laura’s repeated ravings about Kalalau and National Geographic’s beautiful pictures, I had no choice but to go and check out this “hidden paradise” for myself. All I knew going in to this was that Kalalau was a remote valley located on the uninhabited Na Pali Coast of the Hawaiian island, Kaua’i. You reach it through an incredibly arduous 11-mile hike starting at Ke’e Beach and once there you are immersed in nature without electricity, running water, food, or toilets. We obtained camping permits, prepared our camping essentials, and packed for our 6-day stay in… Read More

What are some tips for people moving to San Francisco from New York City?

Courtesy of my friend Linda Kang who moved from NY to SF a few years ago. Everything is earlier here. Most bars close at 2. People eat dinner early. They get up early and do their workouts. By 9 or 10pm many places will be raucous. Almost no one smokes. Hobbies and sports are a big deal: running, cycling, softball, hiking, dodgeball. They are also how young folks meet each other. Instead of spending weeknights in bars, you’ll spend them in the park in softball league or doing your Team in Training workouts. You’ll feel some pressure to have “interesting”… Read More