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How Technology Could Help Fight Income Inequality

I have had the pleasure of meeting professor Tyler Cowen a few times and always left my meetings impressed by his intellect. He writes the popular economics blog: Marginal Revolution. He just [...]

LeWeb 2013 Interview of Arnaud Montebourg

Loic Lemeur asked Jeff Clavier and me to react to Arnaud Montebourg’s presentation at LeWeb and ask him a few questions. I [...]

No Limits to Growth

Over the course of the last few years I resolved the cognitive dissonance between my short term pessimism about the economy and my personal optimism about humanity, the technology world I inhabit and about my [...]

Great speech on the five trends reshaping the global economy

Dominic Barton, the managing director of McKinsey, recently gave an insightful speech at Stanford Business School. I encourage you to watch it.

The Economy: An Optimistic Thought Experiment

Over the past few years the economist in me has been profoundly pessimistic about the short and medium term economic destiny of the developed world, a view that is profoundly at odds with my fundamentally [...]
March 15, 2012

Is the Euro zone crisis by design?

A few months ago, I started writing an analysis of our global economic situation that I wanted to present in the form of an optimistic thought experiment. That article has become so long and complicated [...]

Must read article on America’s 21st century collapse!

I just came across this very well thought through article on everything that could go wrong for the US in the 21st century should we continue down the current path. It covers all aspects of [...]

The Ultimate Startup: Creating a New Country

My good friend Auren Hoffman posited that existing nation states would benefit from a little bit of creative destruction and competition to maximize the welfare of their “customers“: In light of the [...]

Just How Bad is Bad?

Great interview of Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer in Foreign Policy. Read it at: