Why I am leaving OLX

I decided to relinquish my position as Co-CEO of OLX. My partner Alec is staying as CEO. Given how much of my life and soul I poured in the company and the many friends I have working there, I did not take the decision lightly. I wrestled with conflicting feelings and wanted to walk you through my thought process. The Origin Story: Aucland & Deremate Before I walk you through the decision, it is worthwhile taking you back to the beginning of the story. The story actually began in 1998. I had decided to leave McKinsey to build an Internet… Read More

Is this the most honest interview ever?

At the very least it’s my most honest and intimate interview ever. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, it is also my longest interview ever. The interview is far ranging and covers a variety of topics beyond biographical elements: personal and business life ambitions, ideas on overcoming shyness and much more! Watch it in detail if you want to hear all my “shocking” revelations and the secrets of my success! You can also download the MP3 version of the interview if you prefer to listen to it…. Read More

Envoye Special Sequel: Conquering the Web, 11 Years Later

Envoye Special just aired the sequel to the show from 11 years ago that I mentioned in the previous blog post. In this flattering portrait, they follow me around New York and Buenos Aires as I run OLX and invest in various startups. They are dead-on in their analysis that for entrepreneurs national boundaries have largely lost their meaning as we create global companies with a global labor force addressing a global audience. I also recommend the bonus interview of Cyrille Devaud who authored the show who effectively distills the substantific essence of entrepreneurship. You can watch my… Read More