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December 17, 2012

Why I am leaving OLX

I decided to relinquish my position as Co-CEO of OLX. My partner Alec is staying as CEO. Given how much of my life and soul I poured in the company and the many friends I [...]

Is this the most honest interview ever?

At the very least it’s my most honest and intimate interview ever. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, it is also my longest interview ever. The interview is far ranging and covers a variety of topics [...]
February 23, 2012

OLX India TV ads: Take 2!

I reported previously how much I loved the original OLX India TV ads. We continued with the same theme and actors for the new campaign. I am including them below for your viewing [...]
December 22, 2011

Why Good Entrepreneurs Borrow, Great Ones Steal

The video of my fun interview with David Lerner for Venture Studio and Mashable is live. We cover a wide variety of topics: OLX, advice to CEOs of consumer [...]

I just uploaded the Envoye Special video

In case you missed it when it first aired, you can watch it on the original blog post: Envoye Special Sequel: Conquering the Web, 11 Years Later
June 29, 2011

I love the OLX India TV ads!

Watch them in order

Envoye Special Sequel: Conquering the Web, 11 Years Later

Envoye Special just aired the sequel to the show from 11 years ago that I mentioned in the previous blog post. In this flattering portrait, they follow me around New York and Buenos [...]
April 14, 2011

BFM Business Interview

Last Friday BFM Business interviewed me in French in front of Nasdaq to get the latest news on OLX. I am embedding it below for your viewing pleasure.
March 22, 2011

Fabrice Grinda, serial entrepreneur

Elizabeth Treussard from French Morning New York just wrote a nice article on my adventures. French speakers can check it out at:

Interview on OLX, Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship and Life

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marie Rufo from CapeCalm. In the first part of the interview we talked about OLX and angel investing. In the second [...]