Blockbuster makers seem to know something we don’t :)

Over the years I have seen New York blown to smithereens (Independence Day), invaded by Aliens (Avengers), frozen (The Day After Tomorrow), destroyed by monsters (Cloverfield, Godzilla), taken over by vampires (I am Legend) and much more! Movie makers clearly know that if something bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen in New York. Hurricane Sandy’s visit highlighted how reality sometimes imitates fiction. The action started with the winds buffeting New York. My apartment felt like the setting of a low budget horror movie. While the action took place off screen, my lights started shaking from the building… Read More

Introducing New York’s First Padel Court!

Padel is a racquet sport played extensively in Spain and Argentina. I have been obsessed with the sport ever since I was first exposed to it as a kid. It’s easier to pick up than tennis and the points are spectacular. In many ways over the past few years the main reason I would go home to Nice on vacation was just to play with my family and friends. As I mentioned a few years ago, I always wanted to play in New York, and knew there were enough Argentine, Spanish and French practitioners to organize… Read More

New York is now complete!

I have always had one favorite restaurant: La Petite Maison in Nice. I have always loved Mediterranean food and been amazed how very simple dishes with great ingredients served tapas style can be extraordinarily good. Even the tomatoes and lemon they leave on the table before the meal are succulent! I am happy to report that La Petite Maison just opened in New York! The setting is not nearly as cute as in the one in Nice, it is awkwardly located (54th between 5th and 6th), you can’t go for a walk in the Cours Saleya or the Promenade des… Read More

Envoye Special Sequel: Conquering the Web, 11 Years Later

Envoye Special just aired the sequel to the show from 11 years ago that I mentioned in the previous blog post. In this flattering portrait, they follow me around New York and Buenos Aires as I run OLX and invest in various startups. They are dead-on in their analysis that for entrepreneurs national boundaries have largely lost their meaning as we create global companies with a global labor force addressing a global audience. I also recommend the bonus interview of Cyrille Devaud who authored the show who effectively distills the substantific essence of entrepreneurship. You can watch my… Read More

The New York Internet community is thriving!

I participated last night in an Internet entrepreneur ping pong tournament organized by Spark Capital. It was incredibly well attended – Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, Kevin Ryan, Dina Kaplan, Charlie O’Donnell, Dan Allen and many more made an appearance as well as a few West Coasters who happened to be in town including Loic Lemeur. What is amazing is that as amazing as the event was, this type of event is becoming commonplace in New York. When I started Zingy in New York in 2001, the tech scene was all… Read More

Interesting PEN event

I had the pleasure of attending a black tie awards ceremony organized by PEN last night. PEN is a not for profit organization dedicated to advancing literature and defending free expression. They are the oldest international literary and human rights organization. Last night, they gave three awards celebrating the freedom to write, the international freedom to publish and literary service. The crowd at the event, a combination of writers, critics and other literary intellectuals, was fascinating. I had fantastic conversations on a wide range of topics and was impressed by the number of people who spoke perfect French…. Read More