Friends with Benefits is well worth seeing

Granted, I am partial to the genre, especially smart rom coms like As Good as it Gets, Something’s Gotta Give, Serendipity, Easy A and How to lose a guy in 10 days. While it does not soar to the heights of those movies, Friends with Benefits is a worthy addition to the pantheon. The first two thirds of the movie are fantastic as Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis poke fun at the clichés of traditional rom coms with very sharp and quick witty dialogue. Unfortunately, the movie ends up falling prey to those very clichés, but it’s still very enjoyable… Read More

Fast Five is surprisingly good!

This might yet again be an illustration of the power of low expectations. I was not impressed by the prior movies in the series, but was looking forward to a fun mindless evening and ended up with more than I bargained for. Many sequels which extend and mix the cast of characters from prior movies end up not developing any of them enough and feel like they lack depth and are all over the place (e.g.; Spiderman 3 & Shrek 3). In some movies the ensemble comes together in support of a single coherent storyline as it did with Ocean’s… Read More

Megamind is tons of fun!

This year’s slate of animated movies has been great with How to Train your Dragon and Toy Story 3. Megamind is a worthy addition to the genre. As far as superhero movie goes, it does not reach the soaring heights of The Incredibles but holds its own with its fun twist on the superhero genre by being written from the villain’s perspective. It’s one of the few movies alongside How to Train your Dragon where I felt that the 3D really worked. I really had tons of fun. Will Ferrell, whom I am traditionally not very fond of, has a… Read More

Haunting suspense in Let Me In

Let me in is the best vampire movie I ever saw alongside Interview with a Vampire. There is no sexy, brooding vampire in this movie. The movie is very dark and sad for all the characters – from Abby’s constant need for blood, to Owen’s harassment by cruel bullies, to his mother’s ignorance and alcoholism, to the fate of Abby’s caretaker, there is seemingly no hope in the movie, especially as it sees itself as a fantastic modern day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Despite (or maybe because of the tragic element), the movie is fantastic. It is truly anchored… Read More

The Town is gritty and entertaining

After Ben Affleck’s fantastic directorial debut with Gone Baby Gone, I was looking forward to his next movie. The Town did not disappoint! In many ways I was reminded of Heat, but on a smaller scale in a style more reminiscent of Clint Eastwood’s directing. Overall the movie was tense, gritty and well-acted. Along with Hollywoodland, this movie shows Ben Affleck can not only act, but act very well! Go see it!… Read More

RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous) is extremely entertaining!

The movie is campy and tons of fun. It was a true pleasure seeing Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman exchange witty banter while kicking butt. With such a great cast we are rewarded with great acting mixed with a fun completely over the top storyline! I am glad Helen Mirren and John Malkovitch, otherwise known for their more serious roles, both accepted to do the movie and went with it! I had not seen Ernest Borgnine since watching Airwolf as a kid and his presence brought back memories from the 1980s. This is definitely an action… Read More

Monsters is well worth seeing!

I rented the movie on iTunes which somehow had it available to rent 1 month before it came to the theaters. I had seen the trailer, but unlike other reviewers, I knew this was a low budget movie and did not expect a special effects extravaganza. I have Skyline and Super8 to look forward to for that. In this movie, as expected, the monsters mostly stay off screen and provide the backdrop for the story. As a result Monsters feels like it could have been shot by an earlier, low-budget era Spielberg. I did not find the love story convincing… Read More

The Social Network is a must watch, especially for entrepreneurs!

The movie is one of the best movies of the year. The acting is fantastic and the movie has by far the best dialogue of any movie this year. More importantly for entrepreneurs, the story will resonate! From Zuck’s interaction with his girlfriend at the beginning of the movie, to his lack of social skills, to his condescending attitude towards those who “don’t get it”, to being on his notebook during boring legal meetings or all alone at night in at the office working on the product, it all felt familiar. In the movie, Mark is supposed to be the… Read More

Kick-Ass is great!

I just rented Kick-Ass on Zune HD and had a blast! The movie much more violent than I expected; yet, somehow the violence was extremely funny. Choe Moretz who plays Hit-Girl really makes the movie. Her moves, tone and attitude were all amazing! I can’t wait to see her in other movies. In the meantime, you owe it to yourself to check out Kick-Ass, it’s different and fun!… Read More

Toy Story 3 is very good

Like in Shrek 4, the themes of Toy Story 3 are very grown up as they deal with growing up, moving on, and letting go. I loved the movie and cried at the end, but despite the raving critics and the 99% Rotten Tomato Meter, it’s not the best movie of the year. That title currently goes to another animated movie: How to Train your Dragon. That movie’s masterful depiction of the relationship between Toothless and Hiccup, not to mention the complex father/son relationship, left me in awe the entire movie. The Kids are All Right might challenge it for… Read More