Fun interview in Le Monde

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Benoit Hopquin from Le Monde last June while I was passing through Paris. He was interviewing a variety of people, Buddhist monks, retirees, etc., for a series on happiness. He had come across my interest on the topic and reached out to me. We had a really fun conversation and I ended up embodying “happiness in motion”. I have to admit it was a real pleasure to partake in the project as France needs dreams, optimism and happiness more than anything right now. You can read an extract of the… Read More

Happiness is not contagious after all :)

An article on the Freakonomics blog repudiates the notion that happiness is contagious. While an increase in your friend’s happiness statistically significantly increases your happiness level, Justin Wolfers contends that the cause is the shared emotional experiences and environments that friends share. There is no good way to differentiate in the data whether an individual’s increase in happiness is due to his friend’s increase in happiness or to some shared external event that increased both your happiness levels (e.g.; your favorite baseball team just won the World Series). However, now that I think about it, Justin Wolfer’s explanation seems more… Read More