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How to launch your startup

Paul Graham just published yet another must read blog post. This one is entitled Do Things that Don’t Scale. It’s essentially a how-to guide on launching your startup. He suggests eschewing the traditional [...]

Fun interview with The Next Women

I had the pleasure of having a fun and engaging conversation with Beth from The Next Women. We covered a wide range of topics: What I have been up to [...]

Am I ambitious enough?

I have been wondering of late if my rational heuristic driven approach to business selection is making me under reach. I feel I have been building and investing in reasonably “small projects” in the grand [...]

The class notes from Peter Thiel’s Stanford class are a must read for all entrepreneurs

I just finished reading through all of them and found them very insightful. Some sections are useful to aspiring entrepreneurs as they cover the basics of financing, vesting, etc. Most sections are useful to all [...]

Raising money from VCs is just like dating!

The first two times I raised VC money, until success simplified things, it occurred to me how the process really mimics real world dating. Observing many other entrepreneurs similarly struggling with the process over the [...]

Just do it!

With every day it becomes ever more apparent that Nike and Edison were right: genius is in the execution and not the idea. I don’t particularly like GoDaddy, but their latest ad is right on. [...]

Bloomberg TV Interview about my angel investing heuristics

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Erik Schatzker on Market Makers. We discussed why we would have passed on Facebook, Google and Pinterest at seed and the processes we use to maximize our [...]

First Round Capital's Holiday Video is Amazing!

Their portfolio is not too bad either
December 17,2012

Why I am leaving OLX

I decided to relinquish my position as Co-CEO of OLX. My partner Alec is staying as CEO. Given how much of my life and soul I poured in the company and the many friends I [...]