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Just do it!

With every day it becomes ever more apparent that Nike and Edison were right: genius is in the execution and not the idea. I don’t particularly like GoDaddy, but their latest ad is right on. [...]

Dear Santa…

I have been an exceptionally good boy this year. As you may be struggling with ideas for what to get me tonight, I have come up with a short list of suggestions: Youthful, healthy [...]

First Round Capital's Holiday Video is Amazing!

Their portfolio is not too bad either
October 28, 2012

They shot a music video at my house in Bedford :)

They even managed to incorporate my car and paintball gear! I suspect the music video represents what people think my life is like
October 15, 2012

Damn :)

Not only did I not win the Nobel this go around, but I am statistically unlikely to win it anytime soon, if ever.
October 12, 2012

Dog owners will relate :)

Courtesy of: [...]

Fantastic Startup Launch Video

I have not seen the deck or met the entrepreneur. I have no idea what the gross margins are and how big this can get, but the launch video is brilliant!
February 16, 2012

Valentine’s Day Cards for Economists

The economist in me could not help laughing at the graphs! Enjoy them at: