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April 15,2014

Recommendations for Craigslist

As you can see from my article on The Evolution of Marketplaces, Craigslist is facing a great unbundling. Startups are attacking Craigslist category by category by offering a better user experience in a [...]

Fantastic article on how to build trust in modern marketplaces to achieve liquidity

Anand Iyer, the Chief Product Officer of Threadflip, just wrote a thoughtful blog post on how to build liquidity in modern marketplaces. In short: Create a managed environment Have an actionable rating systems [...]
April 8,2014

The Evolution of Marketplaces

In the early days of the web Craigslist’s horizontal listing based marketplace was all things to all people as speed, simplicity and liquidity were the key success factors in the market. A few vertical competitors [...]

Great presentations on Bitcoin

Bitcoin confuses people. They don’t grasp what it is and how it works. The two presentations below are the best I have seen. They clearly present how Bitcoin works and analyze the opportunities in the [...]

Henry Blodget’s Slides on the Future of Digital: 2013 are a must read

I have had the privilege to see Henry do his “Mary Meeker” impersonation as he effectively flies through 200 slides in less than 1 hour and it’s very impressive. He is articulate, clear and to [...]
July 2,2013

3D Printing will change the world

It seems a foregone conclusion that 3D printing will change the world. It’s already revolutionized prototyping, and we’re now getting a glimpse of the technology’s potential in mass customization, [...]

Bill Gurley’s thoughts on marketplaces are a must read!

As you can probably imagine given my recent blog post, Thoughts on building successful vertical marketplaces, marketplaces have been on my mind a lot of late. Last November Bill Gurley [...]

Great article on optimal take rates in Internet businesses

Bill Gurley is a partner at Benchmark and an investor and on the board of Uber, OpenTable and Zillow amongst others. He just wrote a fantastic article on the optimal pricing strategy for Internet businesses. [...]
March 27,2013

Thoughts on building successful vertical marketplaces

As you know, I love operating and investing in marketplaces. It’s been interesting over the years to observe which vertical marketplaces take off sustainably and which fizzle, especially in light of the two dominant [...]
March 27,2013

Could it be that stock photography is the best business ever?

What is surprising about this business to me is how high the take rate is. Most marketplace business take between 1 and 20%: eBay: 12% Airbnb: 13% Stubhub: 25% Etsy: 3.5% Alibaba: Less than [...]