The Bobiverse book series is tons of fun!

After my strong recommendations for Ready Player One, Star Force and Old Man’s War, it’s probably obvious to most than I am a big fan of sci fi and of space operas in general. The Bobiverse series is an innovative take on the genre. The series centers on Bob, a nerdy successful tech entrepreneur who signs a contract to cryo-store his head in the event of his death. He dies shortly thereafter in a traffic accident. He is woken up a century later, but he’s been turn into AI with the… Read More

Infinity Born is a timely thriller

I am partial to science fiction books set in the near future where the technological improvements are in a way understandable and expected in light of where we stand today. For anyone who has been following the recent spat between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg about the perils of AI, Douglas Richard’s Infinity Born is extraordinarily timely. It focuses on the quest for ASI (artificial super intelligence) in a fun thriller that covers a lot of the technologies I have been reading and thinking about: mind uploading and emulation, bioprinting, nanites in the brain, asteroid mining, kinetic bombardment, EmDrive technology… Read More

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is surprisingly thoughtful and well written

I was told to check out Mark Manson’s book because it supposedly encapsulates a lot of my personal beliefs, philosophy and approach to life. I was very skeptical of the gimmicky title and the fact that it’s essentially a self-help book, but gave it the benefit of the doubt. I was very pleasantly surprised. Mark Manson combines academic research, personal anecdotes and jokes to make a very compelling argument about what to care about. The book essentially presents Buddhist learnings in a package appropriate for modern sensibilities. It effectively shows that while you can’t control many of the negative things… Read More

Bill The Vampire is hilarious!

The Tome of Bill book series has made me laugh out loud so hard, so much, that I can’t keep track of how many times it happened. That is saying a lot given that I can’t remember the last book that made me laugh out loud! I was not aware the “horror comedy” genre even existed and it ended up resonating tremendously. I suspect the genre as a whole would not work for me, but it works specifically in the context of our protagonist, Bill who is a huge nerd and remains so after being turned into a vampire. Bill’s… Read More

The Feedback Loop is the new Ready Player One

I loved Ready Player One. Sadly, Armada, Ernest Cline’s follow-up book proved disappointing. Harmon Cooper fills that void with The Feedback Loop. The book is essentially Groundhog Day meets Ready Player One meets The Matrix. Quantum Hughes, the protagonist, is stuck in a virtual reality world called The Loop following a software glitch. As in The Matrix, his body is in the real world in a vat, while Quantum’s consciousness inhabits his character in the Loop, unable to escape. The Loop is a Grand Theft Auto-type game set in a noir Sin City-like environment. Quantum plays the game… Read More

Letters to a Young Contrarian is a must read!

In a simple and elegant series of letters written to a hypothetical student, Christopher Hitchens makes an incredibly compelling argument for thinking independently. While showing how important it is, he also clearly highlights the perils of defying conventional wisdom and popular opinion. In making his case, Hitchens shows off his erudition in sharing a lifetime’s worth of insights and scholarship. Both the prose and content resonated with me like few books have. The book is both timely and timeless in a world overcome by political correctness and simple minded populism. Read it!Read More

The Old Man’s War Series by John Scalzi is a fantastic space opera

As you know, I am a huge fan of B.V. Larson’s Star Force and Undying Mercenaries series. While I really enjoy Ryk Brown’s The Frontiers Saga and to a slightly lesser extent Jay Allan’s Crimson Worlds series, they take themselves too seriously and don’t rival the joy created by Larson’s fun light hearted tone. I realize I am late comer to Old Man’s War, but I loved the series at every level. Scalzi blows your mind with varying imaginative concepts time and time again. The book pushes us to consider whether we would we be willing to sign… Read More

Sapiens is the most important book you will read all year!

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari is incredibly ambitious. It covers the history of humanity starting with modern cognition. It covers everything from why Sapiens ended up on top relative to other hominids, to gender roles, the agricultural revolution, the history of currency, empire and capitalism. It analyses recent developments and speculates as to where we might be heading. It’s thought provoking, challenging, compelling and at times downright disturbing. It exposes the myths we created and accept without second thought and truly challenges our preconceptions about who we are. The book is a masterpiece. If you only read one book this… Read More

Modern Romance is insightful and fun

I am a fan of Aziz Ansari’s standup comedy routine and his TV show Master of None. Having experienced the travails of dating in the digital age, I looked forward to Modern Romance. The book surprised me. I expected a collection of funny anecdotes with commentary in Aziz’s voice. It certainly contained those, but the book offers much more than that. It presents the results of a statistically significant in depth sociological survey covering the dating patterns and behavior of thousands of individuals around the world. I found it truly insightful. The opportunities and challenges presented by dating in the… Read More

What if is an absolute must read!

I absolutely LOVED this book. Randall Munroe’s scientifically accurate answers to ludicrous questions are absurdly funny, well written and extraordinarily well researched. I laughed out loud throughout most of the answers. It’s funny how he destroys the world and/or humanity in half of the answers. I kept wondering who are those people who send these insane questions? I particularly loved the answer to the question of what happened if you put a hair dryer in a 1 square meter indestructible box, but frankly I laughed out loud so many times I lost count (and I can’t remember when is the… Read More