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February 23,2014

The Martian is Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Andy Weir’s book gripped me from the start. I typically don’t like books written in the first person, even more so when the entire book is a [...]
February 22,2014

Command Authority is Tom Clancy’s best book in years

It’s also the best book he co-wrote with Mark Greaney. I suppose the bar is not very high given the quality of their latest books, but I [...]
November 3,2013

Notes on the future of humanity based on Matt Ridley’s book The Rational Optimist

By Otilia Aionesei Humans tend to be very optimistic about their individual lives – for instance we buy lottery tickets, but we are fundamentally pessimistic about the [...]
August 11,2013

How to live

By Otilia Aionesei When I think about sixteen-century European writers, I think of a heavily ornamented writing style and grand themes such as history, religion and ethics. I had no reason to believe Montaigne will [...]
July 4,2013

Why does the world exist is a thoughtful and compelling read

Jim Holt deftly tackles one of most profound questions in philosophy: “why is there something rather than nothing?” To tackle the question of existence he deftly [...]
June 19,2013

Murder as a Fine Art is a fantastic historical thriller!

As I reviewed Inferno I criticized Dan Brown for the poor writing and character development. The same cannot be said of David Morrell’s writing. While Inferno [...]
June 10,2013

Inferno is a good summer read

I am a big fan of thrillers and loved The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Dan Brown’s books typically have poor writing and character [...]
October 23,2012

Gone Girl is riveting!

I had never read a Gillian Flynn novel or heard what Gone Girl was about when I started reading the book. At first [...]
October 22,2012

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is a must read for book and technology nerds alike!

  The book is a fun portrayal of the tension, dichotomy and yet relationship between traditional print publishing and technology. The story centers on Clay, a down on his luck web designer, who starts working [...]
September 12,2012

Enroll in Star Force!

After read Arthur C. Clarke’s sci-fi masterpiece Childhood’s End, I became more open minded to the sci-fi genre in general. I decided to check out B.V. Larson’s highly regarded Star Force Series. I [...]